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2018 Legislative Session: Protecting Local Authority January 2018

The League will continue to oppose pre-emption legislation at the state Capitol in 2018.

LMC’s Mayor for a Day Essay Contest Winners January 2018

See the winners of the 2017 Mayor for a Day Essay Contest.

The Vanishing of Social Capital January 2018

Social capital is vanishing in our communities because more people are living isolated lives. Why does it matter and what can city leaders do about it?

Collaborating to Move City Projects Forward January 2018

If you can create a process of transparency and open government, you’re likely to have higher levels of community satisfaction with city projects.

Promoting City Jobs November 2017

Getting young people—and others—to consider city careers is essential because the city workforce is aging, and cities need to attract the next generation of employees.

Advancing Racial Equity: Cities Turn Ideals Into Action November 2017

Minnesota cities are working to reduce potential racial inequities in service delivery.

Urban Parks: One Piece of the Infrastructure Puzzle November 2017

Incorporating parks into your city infrastructure is a cost-effective way to reduce strain on your stormwater and sewer systems.

Tax-Forfeited Properties: A Shorter Path to City Ownership November 2017

There is a tool available to expedite the process of obtaining public ownership of tax-forfeited properties.

League Recognizes City Champions September 2017

Minnetonka Mayor Terry Schneider and Spring Lake Park City Administrator and Clerk-Treasurer Daniel Buchholtz were the winners of the League's 2017 individual awards.

The Bird’s-Eye Advantage of Using Drones September 2017

Drones can provide accurate data and visuals about places and projects, which improves design-making and public buy-in.

Cooperative Contract Brings Christmas in June to Staples Fire Department September 2017

The City of Staples purchased a new firetruck in a more efficient and cost-effective manner through a cooperative contract.

Small Cities Seek Regional Revitalization July 2017

Five cities in the Chisago Lakes region are working together to implement a revitalization plan that addresses everything from environmental sustainability to the arts.

Seven Tips for Crafting an RFP for Professional Services July 2017

A good RFP can help you get the number and quality of responses you need to find the best company or person for the job.

It’s Your Deal: Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities When Issuing Municipal Bonds July 2017

The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board offers information and resources to help cities through the entire municipal bond process.

The Value of Adding Landscape Architecture to Your Project July 2017

Landscape architecture can enhance the beauty and sustainability of your planning, design, or construction project.

A Must-Do Project: Financial Software Update July 2017

A financial system overhaul can help your city increase efficiencies and provide better service to residents.

The Public-Private Partnership Advantage May 2017

Cities are finding creative ways to partner with private organizations to benefit the public.

Employee Engagement on a Budget May 2017

Boost employees' enthusiasm for their work without busting the city budget.

The German Difference: Minnesota and German Cities Partner on Smart Climate Solutions May 2017

Minnesota and German cities are working together to make a difference for the environment.

Women In Public Service: Can We Close the Gap? May 2017

Find out how cities can increase the number of women in local government leadership positions, and why it matters.

Duty Crews: Helping Fire Departments Manage the Modern World March 2017

Many municipalities that can’t afford full-time personnel are looking for other ways to meet the demands of modern firefighting.

Child Abuse Prevention: Keeping Kids Safe in the City March 2017

Cities can develop policies and practices that could help prevent a potentially devastating incident for both a child and the city.

Workplace Retaliation: How to Recognize and Prevent It in Your City March 2017

Retaliation is the most common discrimination claim federal officials receive and, with new guidelines, cities need to have a solid understanding of this issue.

How a City Rallied Together for Clean Water March 2017

Learn from one city's fight against water pollution.

2017 Legislative Session: Seeking State Funds for Crumbling Infrastructure January 2017

Across Minnesota, cities big and small are facing a backlog of critically important infrastructure projects.

The Next Generation of City Leaders January 2017

As officials grow older and vacancies pop up on councils and commissions, getting younger people involved is a solution.

LMC’s Mayor for a Day Essay Contest Winners January 2017

See the winners of the 2016 “Mayor for a Day” essay contest.

An Expanded Water Quality Toolbox January 2017

Today we must think about stormwater in a new way, as a resource to help preserve limited groundwater supplies.

Here Comes the Sun—Cities Partner on Community Solar Gardens November 2016

More than 20 Minnesota cities have signed agreements to be either subscribers or partners in community solar gardens.

Sidebar: Recent Changes to Solar Garden Program November 2016

The state Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has unfortunately issued recent decisions that may discourage cities from subscribing to community solar gardens.

Working Together—Duluth’s ‘Embedded Social Worker’ Program November 2016

Duluth's embedded social worker acts as a bridge for people in need of services related to mental illness, homelessness, and drug addiction.

Avoiding Pitfalls in Contracting for Building Projects November 2016

Review three common provisions in standard uniform agreements that could pose added legal and cost risk to your city.

How to Avoid, Recognize, and Fix a Structural Budget Imbalance November 2016

These imbalances may not be easily detectable and may cause a city to tip financially, year by year, until it becomes difficult and expensive to correct.

League Celebrates Outstanding City Leaders September 2016

League awards honor individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve the quality of city government and cities throughout the state.

2016 Property Tax Report September 2016

Analysis of 2016 property tax information can help you make decisions for your city.

Right-Sizing Transportation Projects for Success September 2016

How can you make your project a city priority that gets funded and built?

Managing Local Gravel Mines as Community Assets September 2016

Several Minnesota cities have demonstrated successful oversight and reclamation of gravel mining areas.

Working Toward Resiliency in the Age of Climate Change July 2016

Resilience addresses how well a community might not only confront a threat, but emerge from it.

Making Minnesota Cities Home for Immigrants July 2016

Minnesota cities have developed a variety of programs and partnerships to help people arriving from other countries make successful transitions to life in the U.S.

Mental Health Issues in the Workplace July 2016

Employee mental health issues are an everyday reality for Minnesota cities, but dealing with them requires more than sympathy and good intentions.

Green Bonds: More Than a Fad but Not Yet Fantastic July 2016

Before your city issues green bonds, it’s important to understand that the true economic benefit is uncertain at this point.

Web Extra: Making Minnesota Cities Home for Immigrants July 2016

Watch the video “A Good, Safe Place to Live” and a video on Mankato’s Tapestry Project.

Are Minnesota Cities Future-Ready? May 2016

Think forward 20 years. If you knew what was coming, how would you prepare?

Building Racial Equity in Cities May 2016

Getting past often abstract and emotional discussions about race to reach concrete solutions is the aim of a racial equity project involving 14 Minnesota cities, counties, and other jurisdictions.

The 6 Qualities of Innovation May 2016

By making these areas an organizationwide focus, cities can reinforce the rewards of innovation.

Deleting the Silos: Maximizing Regional Services May 2016

There simply is no time for metaphorical silos in today’s age.

City Hall Security—Prepare for the Unthinkable March 2016

Every city should be proactive in figuring out how to handle a violent incident.

The Future of Policing March 2016

Brooklyn Park Police Department is the subject of a research project to test a new policing theory called “collective efficacy.”

Effective Employee Engagement—Because an Engaged Employee Is a Super Employee! March 2016

Building employee engagement is a multi-step, but straightforward, process.

Fostering Better Relationships Between Police and Media March 2016

At a time when law enforcement agencies are continuously being scrutinized by the public, it is especially important for department leaders to cultivate media relations skills.

2016 Legislative Session: Taking Care of Unfinished Business January 2016

Much like the construction on our state Capitol building, the Legislature has a lot of incomplete work to attend to during the upcoming session.

LMC’s ‘Mayor for a Day’ Essay Contest Winners January 2016

See the winners of the 2015 “Mayor for a Day” essay contest.

Lessons Learned from 2015 Grievance Arbitrations January 2016

Whether your city works with unions or not, there are many helpful lessons to learn from grievance arbitration decisions.

Redevelopment: Four Stages of Resident Communication January 2016

The City of New Hope successfully navigated a redevelopment project through effective communication.