View materials from MACA’s 2022 Annual Conference sessions.

High-Profile Incident Toolbox

Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (pdf)
First Amendment Concepts for Protests in Cities (pdf)
Guide for Communicating During a City Crisis (pdf)
IACP Active Shooter Response Binder 2018 (pdf)
IACP Civil Demonstrations Crowd Management Response Binder 2019 (pdf)
Planning for Critical Incident Responses (pdf)
Public Safety and Emergency Management Handbook for Minnesota Cities (pdf)
Ramsey County – Ramsey County Emergency Operations Plan (pdf)
Residential Picketing and Protest Checklist (pdf)

Fostering Healthy and Inclusive Participation in City Government

Fostering Healthy and Inclusive Participation in City Government (pdf)

Mayberry, A.T.J.: Access to Justice in Greater Minnesota

Mayberry ATJ Access to Justice in Greater Minnesota (pdf)
Rural Legal Deserts Are a Critical Health Determinant (pdf)


Alternatives to Traditional Prosecution

Alternatives to Traditional Prosecution (pdf)


PTSD & Police: Practical Tips and Pitfalls

Cities’ Continuing Health Insurance Obligations (pdf)
PTSD & Police Practical Tips and Pitfalls (pdf)
PTSD Treatment Rules Checklist (pdf)

Intellectual Property for the City Attorney

Cybersecurity Concerns From a City Perspective (pdf)
Intellectual Property Law (pdf)
Initial Action After Cyber Attack Checklist (pdf)
What Every City Attorney Needs to Know

COVID-19 a la Carte

COVID a la Carte Presentation (pdf)
COVID-19 a la Carte Informational Resources (pdf)

Data Practices Update

Data Practices Update Presentation (pdf)

Ethical Issues for City Attorneys

Ethics for City Attorneys Presentation (pdf)


Protests and the Northern Lights Task Force

Northern Lights Task Force Presentation (pdf)

Legal Concerns When Dealing With Homelessness

Encampment SOP (pdf)
Unsheltered Homelessness Presentation (pdf)