Criminal Law Update

Matthew Hartung, Assistant City Attorney, City of Minneapolis

Recap of the criminal law highlights from the 2023 legislative session. The session will review some of the important statutory changes helpful for prosecutors and city attorneys, including the future of cannabis prosecution. Hear about insights from the session and predictions for future legislative sessions.

Presentation: Criminal Law Update (PDF)

Handout:  None

Civil Law Update

Brooke Bordson, Intergovernmental Relations Representative, League of Minnesota Cities and Alex
Hassel, Intergovernmental Relations Representative, League of Minnesota Cities

Recap some of the highlights from the 2023 legislative session with two representatives of the League of
Minnesota Cities Intergovernmental Relations team. Hear what happened, what didn’t, and its impact.

Presentation: Civil Law Update (PDF)

Handout:  LMC Law Summaries 2023 (PDF)

Employment Law Update/Deeper Dive

Jana Sullivan, League of Minnesota Cities

Dive deeper into developments in employment law, impacted by new legislation including laws related to paid family and medical leave, PERA/PTSD, the Crown Act, compensation, adult-use cannabis, and more. This session will also explore other emerging hot employment topics and trends.

Presentation: Employment Law Update (PDF)

Handout:  None

Facing Forward: Effective Human Rights Commissions

Elimination of Bias Credit

Moderator, Aisia Davis, Staff Attorney, League of Minnesota Cities Panelist, Carl Crawford, Human Rights Officer, City of Duluth Panelist, Sharon Hanson, City Administrator, City of Marshall Panelist, Seth Kaempfer, Equity and Inclusion Manager, City of Golden Valley

DEI groups and human rights commissions are voluntary groups appointed by the city council to advise on equity and discrimination and promote inclusion within the community. Panelists will share about their city’s human rights or diversity, equity, and inclusion commissions. This will include a discussion of the structure/form of their city’s commission, the commission’s activities, whether the city investigates individual claims of discrimination or human rights violations, and how cities can advance their commissions.

Presentation: Golden Valley Human Rights Commission (PDF)

Marshall Human Rights Commission (PDF)

Handout:  None

Judicial Update

Paul Merwin, MAP Attorney, League of Minnesota Cities

Hear about the most important state and federal court decisions impacting Minnesota’s cities. The discussion will review the cases as well as what practical impact the decisions will have, or are already having, on cities across the state.

Presentation:  No presentation available

Handout:  Judicial Update Handout (PDF)

Continuing Legal Education (CLE):  The Minnesota State Board of Continuing Legal Education has approved 6 hours (5 Standard credits, plus 1 Elimination of Bias credits).  Event code 486967.