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Please note: Space is limited for the St. Paul cohort. Please email Jamie Oxley at to register. Registration is limited to four attendees per organization per mini-series. Remaining 2020 courses will be held via Zoom.

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Please note: registration for courses in Staples is through Sourcewell — you can find open courses on Sourcewell’s professional development page. Registration is limited to four attendees per organization per mini-series.

Time to Lead courses provide the opportunity to refine your leadership style and use your style to strategically and intentionally harness change and conflict for better department outcomes. Do not just let things happen; make things happen. Lead.

Courses in this mini-certificate include:

Strengths-Based Leadership
Often when we are looking to improve, we seek to move a weakness from being a deficit to being mediocre. Strengths-based theory will encourage you to move a good strength to a great strength and lead with authenticity. Using an assessment from the book Strength-Based Leadership, participants identify their innate strengths and use those to identify and tap into their authentic leadership style. You will explore ways to:

  • Understand how you use your strengths in the workplace.
  • Harness your natural leadership style to approach your work.
  • Embrace the leadership styles of others to complete work.

No dates are planned at this time.

Leading Through Conflict
The resources of time and money are scarce, so often our first reaction to a request is “no.” To find solutions, you need to engage in dialogue that is both assertive and cooperative and tap into your expertise to discover solutions and present options to stakeholders that allow for a win-win. Finding opportunities to collaborate will generate value and improve relationships for both you and your organization. Learn to lead through conflict as you:

  • Understand the Power of “Yes.”
  • Understand the Power of “No.”
  • Learn about win-lose scenarios and their cost.
  • Recognize win-win possibilities.
  • Navigate the five conflict responses to use them strategically.

No dates are planned at this time.

Channeling Change
Although there are often jokes about how slow government is to change, government entities can lead change in the form of regularly scheduled elections and new laws, policies, and mandates (both funded and, our favorite, unfunded mandates). But just like in other industries, change also comes from new technology, staff turnover, mergers or realignment, and it can even bubble up internally in the form of continuous improvement. Leaders need to understand their own reactions to change so that they can help others through changes. This course will help you:

  • Identify your own go-to reaction to change and how that affects your work.
  • Explain the change curve, its phases, and how it rolls out.
  • Understand your role in helping people navigate through change.

No dates are planned at this time.

$300 for the three-course mini-certificate.

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