Week One: Your Role, Structure, & Function of Cities in white text on a red background with darker red starsJanuary 19-22

This week’s sessions are all on demand and can be completed at any time that is convenient for you. Find out more about MemberLearn.

On-Demand MemberLearn Session:
Welcome & Overview of the Program

(Seat time: approx. 10 min)

Get to know the League and be introduced to the Elected Leaders Institute: Foundational Program. You’ll receive easy instructions on how the six-week program will work and information on where to go if you need help.

On-Demand MemberLearn Session:
Your Role as City Leader

Core competencies: integrity & ethics, strategic planning & decision-making, servant leadership mindset
(Seat time: approx. 15 min)

The League’s Executive Director Dave Unmacht will help you explore the skills required to be an effective city leader, including how values and ethics help shape your personal leadership style.

On-Demand MemberLearn Session:
Structure & Function of Cities

Core competencies: policymaking
(Seat time: approx. 20 min)

During this week’s final session, Amber Eisenschenk, the League’s research manager, will review the different types of cities that operate in Minnesota, how your type of city impacts your role on the council, and the limitations of what cities can or cannot do.


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