Week Five: Advocacy Personnel Management, Engagement in white text on a red background with darker red starsFebruary 15-19

This week’s sessions are all on demand and can be completed at any time that is convenient for you. Learn more about MemberLearn.

On-Demand MemberLearn Session:
Advocacy at the Capitol

Core competencies: policymaking, communication
(Seat time: approximately 15 minutes)

In this session you will hear from the League’s Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) Director Gary Carlson and Assistant IGR Director Anne Finn on the role you and the League play in lobbying at the Capitol. After completing this course, you’ll understand the League’s policy development process, have tips for communicating with legislators, know various models and toolkits that are available to city councils, and be familiar with the way that Minnesota cities make an impact in Washington D.C.

On-Demand MemberLearn Session:
Personnel Management

Core competency: personnel management
(Seat time: approximately 20 minutes)

Joyce Hottinger, assistant human resources director at the League, will help you understand your role in the city’s HR processes, get a 20,000-foot perspective of public sector employment laws and policy, and have a clear understanding of how to work with your city manager or city administrator on all HR matters.

On-Demand MemberLearn Session:
Communicating for Community Engagement

Core competencies: communication, equity & inclusion, community engagement
(Seat time: approximately 20 minutes)

Hear from Jennifer Hellman, chief operating officer and principal for GOFF Public, as she takes you through communication strategies you can use when engaging your community. You’ll explore how to leverage your communication strengths, learn considerations for equity and inclusion, and discover ways to communicate with confidence and clarity on the issues that matter to your residents.


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