Cybersecurity Essentials – Afternoon

12:15-3:30 p.m.

What Can Go Wrong, Will: Cybersecurity Essentials 

Hackers, tornadoes and fires, oh my!

Cyber risks are an increasingly important consideration for Minnesota cities. Stories of computer system hacking and ransom demands are frequently in the news. Liability for data security breaches and electronic theft of city funds can be costly. Equipment or data destroyed in a virus attack or natural disaster is time consuming to repair and restore.

Learn how you can keep your systems and data protected, even during a disaster.

Leverage sample templates and guidance from facilitators and begin creating your city’s incident response plan.

This workshop will focus on cyber incidents, but is applicable for any disaster. Even if you are not your city’s primary IT provider, all audiences can gain valuable, city-specific strategies from this session. Clerks and other city staff are encouraged to attend!

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