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Learn new skills in these deep dive workshops.

Wednesday, June 21, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Fee: $55
Lunch included. Pre-registration required. Limited spots available.

From Conflict to Conversation
Matt Lehrman, Managing Director, Social Prosperity Partners
Audience: Elected Officials

What could you accomplish for your community if you possessed the skills to make people feel connected, respected, and heard — even when tackling divisive issues?

In this workshop you will build a cohesive framework for public engagement and learn practical skills to foster creativity, communication, and collaboration among all your constituencies. Come prepared to “wear your heart on your sleeve” about what you hope to accomplish for your community.


Leading Strategic Initiatives
Jeannette Grace, Communications Consultant and Instructor, Metropolitan State University’s Institute for Professional Development
Audience: City staff, especially those in small cities. 

Learn to lead in a post-pandemic world. As cities transition from the pandemic to the endemic, they are discovering a fresh landscape that includes new processes and procedures changing the way cities work.

This workshop focuses on building the skills that up-and-coming city leaders need to lead stakeholders through strategic initiatives.


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