Use these tools to advocate for city street funding

The League has developed a model resolution supporting “an omnibus transportation funding bill that provides additional dedicated state funding for city streets, including funding that can be used for non-municipal state aid (MSA) city street maintenance, construction, and reconstruction.”

What can I as a city official do to help?

STEP 1: PASS a resolution and send it to your legislators.
Note: Send a copy of the resolution to the League at so you can be added to the list.

Download the League’s sample resolution

STEP 2: SHARE your resolution with local media and via social media.

Download the League’s sample news release

STEP 3: FOLLOW UP with your legislators and local media as transportation issues and decisions become part of your city’s dialogue at council meetings and with residents. Remind them of the need for funding local transportation.

Want to do more?

  • Give tours of your city (on foot or by bus). (Show your transportation needs in person!)
  • Write a joint letter to the editor in your local newspaper (and send a copy to your legislators) with your local chamber, schools, county, or other leaders about the transportation needs in your city and around the state.

Please let League staff (see contact info) know when you have done any of the above advocacy efforts (or if we can help you with any of the above).

Note: The model resolution referenced here is different from the one created by the League in support of the Street Improvement District tool.