The League of Minnesota Cities has a model resolution supporting legislation that would allow cities to collect infrastructure development fees to fund municipal street improvements as a necessary component of growth. Under current law, cities do not have authority to do this. Without legislative action, cities that want to grow must rely on property taxes to pay for development-related infrastructure.

How can the city help?


PASS a resolution and send it to your legislators

Download the model resolution (doc)

Note: Send a copy of the resolution to the League at so you can be added to the list we’re compiling.


SHARE your resolution with local media and via social media (use #BuildItRight).


FOLLOW UP with your legislators and local media as infrastructure fee issues and decisions become part of your city’s dialogue at council meetings. Remind them of the need for infrastructure accountability.

Please let League staff ( know when you have done any of the above advocacy efforts (or if we can help you with any of the above).

Note: The model resolution referenced here is different from the one created by the League in support of the street improvement district tool.