A remodel of the League’s building planned to begin in 2020 will update the interior to create more spaces for members to use as extensions of their own city halls and to better meet staff needs.

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The latest

The Building Company Board of Directors selected a winning bid for construction management services on Feb. 24.  (See more about the League’s governing boards).

Estimated project schedule

The following is an estimated schedule for the project, updated Feb. 28:

Schematic designCompleted Aug. 1, 2019
Design development phaseCompleted Feb. 25, 2020
Construction documentation phaseMarch-April 2020
Opening of bids and awarding of contractJune 2020
Construction beginsLate summer 2020


Financially prepared

The League is in a financially strong position to take on this project as a result of careful planning by the governing boards. The project will be paid for in cash, with no debt to take on.

Current project costs are estimated to be $8.1 million. This includes construction, replacement of the building’s aging furnishings, and soft costs.

What can city officials expect?

The remodeled first floor will be largely dedicated to flexible meeting spaces that are better able to accommodate everything from a large policy committee meeting to a one-on-one discussion, as well as multiple events happening on the same day.

The Intergovernmental Relations team will continue to operate from the first floor.

Members will also find that the building’s reception and general flow will be more welcoming and easier to navigate. Accessibility and safety features expected of today’s workplaces are reflected in the design plan.

The building will remain open during construction, and the parking lot will still be available for city officials visiting the Capitol area.

Meeting evolving staff needs

The League building is at capacity when configured as a traditional workspace. By reconfiguring the space, the remodel will be able to address this concern without an expansion.

The building will also better reflect the League’s flexible work environment (the League Empowerment and Performance Program, or LEAPP). The new design will provide more efficient and versatile workspaces that support collaboration and creativity among teams.

The governing boards also want to support the League’s position as a competitive employer by offering an environment that reflects the preferences of today’s workforce as well as current research on how employees work at their best.

More background

The League’s Building Company authorized a contract with Herman Miller and BWBR in November of 2018 to conduct a workplace study and develop a schematic design for the renovation of the League’s building. This project team worked closely with League staff to develop a thoughtful plan to renovate the building that meets and exceeds the goals established for this project.

A schematic design and a cost estimate were reviewed and approved by the League Board of Directors, the Insurance Trust Board of Trustees, and the League’s Building Company Board of Directors in late 2019. The design development phase was completed by BWBR in late February 2020.

While there has been a significant amount of effort put toward preparing for this project in 2019-2020, the building renovation has been in preliminary planning stages since at least 2015.