League Announces Lisa Sova as New Assistant Finance Director — Member Outreach

Lisa Sova will begin employment in early June as the League’s new assistant finance director/outreach. The position was created this past year to help our member cities with finance-related issues after a study was completed in 2018 confirming the need for these services.

“Lisa’s background is particularly well-suited for the position,” said League Executive Director David Unmacht. “Lisa’s knowledge and understanding of municipal finances, budgets, and financial policies is excellent.”

Previous experience

Sova’s background includes eight years as the city administrator for the City of Crosby, as well as substantial experience as a senior financial analyst with Weyerhaeuser and benefits administrator with Cuyuna Regional Medical Center. In addition, she has an accounting degree and Master of Business Administration (MBA), and is certified as a Minnesota Master Municipal Clerk.

“She will be able to help all of our cities with finance-related issues, large and small, metro or Greater Minnesota,” Unmacht said. “I am very excited to begin working with her on expanding our services to our members in the area of finance.”

Sova has also served on the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust Board, but has resigned that position to take the position with the League.

Focusing on member needs

“Because this is a new position, the exact areas of Lisa’s focus will evolve and be flexible based on member needs and the outreach needed to learn more about the financial challenges our cities are facing. Clearly the fiscal issues resulting from the pandemic will be forefront on our members minds,” Unmacht said.

“We also believe Lisa’s role will include education and training for members and responding to inquiries from cities, among other functions,” Unmacht added. “We do know it will not replace the relationships our cities have with their own financial service providers. Our goal is to supplement, not duplicate.”