Free Webinar: What’s in YOUR Brain? Understanding Unconscious Bias

May 23—1-2 p.m.


Think you’re aware of your own biases? Think again, because most of us aren’t! And if you aren’t aware of them, how can you be sure you’re making good decisions?

Research shows that all of us have “unconscious biases”—our brains can make decisions about other people without us even knowing it. And if we are not aware of this fact, we can unintentionally make decisions based on stereotyping.

This not only has the potential for legal issues, it can keep your city from attracting and retaining qualified employees who are persons of color, disabled, women in nontraditional roles, and members of many other social groups.

Join us for this free webinar to learn why and how our brains make judgments about others, what the research tells us about how these biases can have unintended consequences at work, the ways these biases can impact employment decisions, and what you can do to avoid them.

Participate in this live webinar to:

  • Recognize that all of us have unconscious biases as part of our brain chemistry
  • Learn about the impacts of unconscious bias and how it could harm your city
  • Discover ways to make better hiring decisions
  • Get tips on how to train your own employees on unconscious bias—without breaking the budget
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions (Submit your questions to


  • Laura Kushner, Human Resources Director, League of Minnesota Cities


  • Amber Eisenschenk, Research Staff Attorney, League of Minnesota Cities

Who should attend: Supervisors, city administrators, city clerks, human resources staff, elected officials—and anyone who makes hiring and other employment decisions!

Fee: Free

You will be participating via the internet using GoToWebinar. An email confirmation with instructions to join the session will be sent after registration is completed.