Topic: Taxes

Sales Tax Clarification Bills to be Introduced

(Published Feb 2, 2015)

The League seeks to simplify and streamline the process of securing the sales tax exemption for purchases of construction materials, supplies, and related equipment.

League Seeks City Sales Tax Exemption on Vehicles Used for Road Maintenance

(Published Feb 2, 2015)

Townships have been exempt from the motor vehicle sales tax on vehicles used for road maintenance since 1998, but cities don’t currently have that exemption.

House Approves Early Tax Bill

(Published Jan 20, 2015)

The bill includes federal tax conformity provisions and a clarification for the 2013 Rochester Destination Medical Center economic development bill.

Get Familiar with New Homestead Credit Refund

(Published Sep 22, 2014)

The state recently sent notices to some taxpayers about the homestead credit refund, so city officials should be prepared to answer residents’ questions.

League Releases Revised Property Tax Materials

(Published Jul 28, 2014)

Get guidance on property tax changes from LMC resources.

State Clarifies Sales Tax Exemption for Ball Fields and Recreation Spaces

(Published Jul 28, 2014)

Cities may be eligible for a refund of sales or use tax paid since Jan. 1, 2014.