Topic: Taxes

Get Familiar with New Homestead Credit Refund

(Published Sep 22, 2014)

The state recently sent notices to some taxpayers about the homestead credit refund, so city officials should be prepared to answer residents’ questions.

League Releases Revised Property Tax Materials

(Published Jul 28, 2014)

Get guidance on property tax changes from LMC resources.

State Clarifies Sales Tax Exemption for Ball Fields and Recreation Spaces

(Published Jul 28, 2014)

Cities may be eligible for a refund of sales or use tax paid since Jan. 1, 2014.

Supplemental Omnibus Tax Bill Signed by Governor

(Published May 19, 2014)

The new law includes LGA modifications, local development changes, and clarification of the local government sales tax exemption.

Omnibus Tax Bill Expands and Clarifies Local Government Sales Tax Exemption

(Published May 12, 2014)

For cities, one of the most significant portions of the omnibus tax bill will be the changes to the local government sales tax exemption passed into law in 2013.

A Comparison of House and Senate Measures to Clarify Sales Tax Exemption

(Published Apr 14, 2014)

The House and Senate tax bills take different approaches to addressing the ambiguities of last year’s sales tax exemption for cities and counties.

Gov. Dayton Signs First Omnibus Tax Bill

(Published Mar 24, 2014)

The bill includes a number of federal income tax conformity items and business tax reductions.

Final Property Tax Levy Report Released

(Published Mar 3, 2014)

Final 2014 local government property tax levies are $41.6 million lower than the levies initially proposed.

League to Seek Sales Tax Exemption on Licensed Motor Vehicles for Cities

(Published Feb 18, 2014)

Townships have been exempt from the motor vehicle sales tax on vehicles used for road maintenance since 1998, but cities don’t currently have that exemption.

Proposal Accelerates Fiscal Disparities Info, Changes Levy Calendar

(Published Feb 6, 2014)

The Municipal Legislative Commission seeks ways to get cities information from the fiscal disparities program faster.

Workshop Outlines Sales Tax Exemption for Construction Materials

(Published Feb 3, 2014)

A presentation by League staff is now available online for city officials, city engineers, and others who interact with construction contractors.

Governor Supports Extending Sales Tax Exemption

(Published Feb 3, 2014)

Clarification and simplification of the sales tax exemption process will be a major League effort in 2014.

Sales Tax Exemption Update: The Exemption and City Vendors

(Published Jan 21, 2014)

The Department of Revenue released an opinion memo outlining the procedures for interaction with city vendors.

State to Send Cities Levy Limit Information Soon

(Published Dec 9, 2013)

Cities must certify their final levy to the county by Dec. 30.

Contractor Purchases for the City: How to Get the City Sales Tax Exemption

(Published Nov 25, 2013)

Cities need to take certain steps to get the sales tax exemption for construction materials the city’s contractor purchases on behalf of the city.

Reminder: Three State Tax Relief Programs for Homeowners and Renters

(Published Nov 25, 2013)

Upcoming budget hearings can be a good opportunity for cities to remind residents to file for either program.

Department of Revenue Updates Local Government Sales Tax Exemption Documents

(Published Nov 25, 2013)

The new publications are designed to help cities prepare for the exemption, which starts on Jan. 1, 2014.

State Releases Proposed Property Tax Levies for Local Governments

(Published Nov 25, 2013)

Proposed local government levies are an increase of about 2 percent over 2013 final levies.

Dept. of Revenue Seeks Input from Local Government

(Published Nov 12, 2013)

Participate in a Nov. 14 electronic session to give your ideas on how to increase the state government’s efficiency.

Some Cities Required to Submit Tax Savings Report

(Published Aug 19, 2013)

Cities with populations over 500 must submit a report showing either actual or estimated sales taxes paid to the state in 2012.

League Seeking to Clarify New Sales Tax Exemption Law

(Published Aug 19, 2013)

There are some ambiguities in the law that need to be cleared up.

Guidance for Calculating Your 2014 Levy Limit

(Published Aug 19, 2013)

The 2014 levy limit is computed in a different manner than past levy limits, causing some confusion for cities.

Updated Sales Tax Exemption Information Available

(Published Aug 5, 2013)

The League of Minnesota Cities continues to seek clarity on the new law to assist cities with budgeting for 2014.

Tax Bill Includes New Savings Report

(Published Jun 10, 2013)

Accompanying the new sales tax exemption is a one-time reporting requirement that will apply to cities with populations of at least 500 and all counties.