LMC Task Force FAQs

Learn, network, and help develop the League’s legislative platform on these specific issues by joining your colleagues in serving on an LMC task force. The League has three task forces: the Development Finance Task Force (formerly the TIF Task Force), the Elections Task Force, and the Telecommunications Task Force.

Who can be on a task force?
Current city officials and staff are eligible, including city councilmembers, mayors, city administrators, assistant city administrators, clerks, human resource staff, municipal election officials, public safety staff, engineers, finance directors, economic development staff, and others. Committee members can be new to their city position, have many years of experience, or somewhere in between. Not all task force members are also members of LMC policy committees.

What benefits are there to serving on a task force?
It is a great way to become involved with the League, network, and learn about different ways of doing things. Task force members share and become aware of federal-level issues and associations. In additions, members are sometimes consulted or called upon during the legislative session for their particular expertise on an issue and service to the task force.

Who are the chairs of the task forces?

2016-2017 Development Finance Task Force Chair
Cathy Mehelich, Economic Development Director, St. Cloud

2016-2017 Elections Task Force Chair
David Maeda, Clerk, City of Minnetonka

2016-2017 Telecommunications Task Force Chair
Mark Erickson, EDA Director, City of Winthrop

When and where are the meetings?
Task force meetings occur at least once during the summer. Task forces can also meet other times of the year when an issue may warrant more guidance and technical expertise.

The Development Finance Task Force (formerly the TIF Task Force) typically meets twice a year: once between the first and second policy committee meeting (in August) and once before the legislative session starts. Its recommendations are shared with the LMC Improving Local Economies Committee.

The Elections Task Force typically meets at least once in August to refine recommendations that will be shared with the LMC Improving Service Delivery Policy Committee. This group may have additional meetings if needed.

The Telecommunications Task Force meets throughout the year to discuss policy recommendations that are brought before the Improving Local Economies Committee.

All task force meetings are held at the League, 145 University Ave. W., in St. Paul.

What if I can’t attend each meeting in person?
An online meeting option (GoTo Meeting) is available for task force meetings, as well as regular policy committee meetings. To participate this way, contact Laura Ziegler or Heather Corcoran (see info at right).

How do I join a task force?
Contact Laura Ziegler or Heather Corcoran using the information at right or send an email to liaison@lmc.org.