Topic: State Budget

State Budget Forecast Projects $372 Million Surplus

(Published Dec 8, 2014)

Although the budget appears to be healthy, the forecast report includes a few notes of caution.

Monthly State Revenue Collections Accelerate

(Published Nov 17, 2014)

The full state budget forecast will be released on Dec. 4.

State Revenue Collections for August Slightly Below Forecast

(Published Sep 22, 2014)

Collections for the first two months of the fiscal year are off by $79 million.

State Gets Some Good News in July Economic Update

(Published Jul 14, 2014)

State revenues for the first half of the 2014-2015 biennium are now up by $168 million.

May State Revenue Collections Slightly Below Forecast

(Published Jun 16, 2014)

This is the fourth month that revenue collections have failed to meet budget projections.

Key League-Supported Provisions Included in Supplemental Budget Bill

(Published May 19, 2014)

The supplemental budget bill passed the full House and Senate, and was signed May 20 by the governor.

Letter Outlines City Issues for Conferees of Supplemental Budget Bill

(Published Apr 28, 2014)

The League sent a letter to conference committee members addressing city positions on provisions in the supplemental budget bill.

State Revenues for February and March $67 Million Below Expectations

(Published Apr 21, 2014)

Despite this short-term reduction in projected GDP growth, the MMB consultant continues to forecast accelerating economic growth over the course of 2014.

House Approves $320 Million Supplemental Budget Bill

(Published Apr 7, 2014)

Many of the major finance and tax bills are nearing completion, and will next go to conference committees to resolve differences between the House and Senate.

House Ways and Means Releases Supplemental Budget Targets

(Published Mar 18, 2014)

The House targets provide an indication of how the House will address the projected state budget surplus.

February State Revenue Collections Dip Slightly

(Published Mar 17, 2014)

The monthly collection report provides an update on actual state revenue collections compared to forecast, but monthly figures should be interpreted with caution.

February State Forecast Projects Increased Surplus

(Published Mar 3, 2014)

The surplus has increased from $825 million in November to the current $1.2 billion for the balance of the 2014-15 biennium.

State Revenue Collections for January Again Exceed Forecast

(Published Feb 18, 2014)

The upcoming state budget forecast will contain the official revenue and expenditure projections for use during the 2014 legislative session.

State to Unveil Budget Forecast on Feb. 28

(Published Feb 7, 2014)

The forecast will guide legislators during the 2014 session.

State Revenue Collections Exceed Forecast Again

(Published Jan 21, 2014)

A strengthening economy and higher state revenues set the stage for the 2014 legislative session.

State Budget Improves as Economic Recovery Slowly Strengthens

(Published Dec 9, 2013)

The November Forecast is first look at the state’s biennial budget and will set the stage for the 2014 legislative session.

State Revenues on Track for First Quarter of FY 2014

(Published Oct 14, 2013)

Report includes the first information on the effects of the 2013 tax law changes.

State General Fund Revenues Below Forecast for August

(Published Sep 16, 2013)

State general fund receipts are now 2 percent below forecast for the first two months of fiscal year 2014.

State Releases July Revenue Collection Report

(Published Aug 19, 2013)

Report shows first monthly decline in state revenue collections since the February forecast was released.