Topic: Pensions and Retirement

PERA General Plan Contribution Changes: January and Beyond

(Published Dec 22, 2014)

An additional contribution increase could be recommended for 2016.

Preliminary Valuation Report Shows Improvement for PERA Plans

(Published Aug 25, 2014)

Strong investment performance increases funding level, but future post-retirement benefit restoration may bring additional General Plan contribution increases.

Omnibus Pension Bill Signed by Governor

(Published May 19, 2014)

Provisions of interest to cities include a PERA General Plan employer and employee contribution increase.

Needed: Information on Your City’s Public Safety Workforce and Phased-in Changes to Early Retirement Factor

(Published Feb 6, 2014)

The League has been asked to share observations about the impacts of the law change on the workforce.

Pension Commission Considers Several PERA Issues

(Published Feb 3, 2014)

The commission is preparing legislation for the 2014 legislative session.

Pension Commission Considers Bill to Expand Correctional Plan

(Published Nov 12, 2013)

The proposal would add more employees to the Public Employees Retirement Association Correctional Plan.

Potential Pension Contribution Increase for PERA General Employees Retirement Plan

(Published Sep 3, 2013)

Based on a preliminary actuarial estimate of the funding status of the plan, an automatic contribution increase could be triggered beginning on July 1, 2014.

Take Advantage of PERA Retirement Counseling for Employees

(Published Sep 19, 2012)

PERA offers group counseling at no charge to groups of 25 people or more.