Report on Local Government Redesign

The League of Minnesota Cities (LMC), Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC), and Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) have collaborated on a report called “Focus on Outcomes: Redesigning Minnesota’s Local Government Services.”

Based on the perspectives of more than 400 city, county, and school district leaders gathered at a series of six Local Government Innovation Forums in November 2011, the report chronicles the redesign ideas being implemented statewide, barriers local governments face in redesign, and opportunities to encourage greater cross-sector collaboration among Minnesota’s state and local governments.

LMC, AMC, and MSBA are calling on Minnesota’s state leaders to grant local governments the flexibility needed to continue and expand public service redesign efforts across the state. The Focus on Outcomes report highlights that aging and other demographic changes are placing increased demand on local services and, at the same time, they are resulting in an eroding revenue base to support those services. Local leaders are urging state leaders to join them in committing to redesign as one central strategy for addressing those conflicting pressures.

The report was supported and co-sponsored by The House of Representatives’ Redesign Caucus, led by Rep. Carol McFarlane (R-White Bear Lake), and by the Bush Foundation and six other Minnesota foundations.

Information Forum videos
The videos below, also produced by the three associations, encapsulate ideas that emerged from the Innovation Forums.

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