2014 LMC Committees Kick Off Policy-Development Process

Over 150 city officials and staff from around the state are participating in the four policy committees that will develop the League’s 2015 legislative platform.
(Published Jul 28, 2014)

The League’s four policy committees completed their first of three meetings last week. The committees meet once in July, August, and September to discuss, draft, develop, and recommend policies that will become the League’s 2015 legislative platform.

The following committee chairs and vice chairs, along with League staff, will lead the meetings as the committees move through the policy-development process in the coming months.

Improving Service Delivery
Chair: Brad Martens, City Administrator, Corcoran
Vice Chair: Andrea Lauer, Mayor, Royalton

Improving Local Economies
Chair: Bart Fischer, City Administrator, Falcon Heights
Vice Chair: Kelcey Klemm, City Manager, Perham

Human Resources and Data Practices
Chair: Aaron Parrish, City Administrator, Forest Lake
Vice Chair: Debbie Dahl, HR Director, Fridley

Improving Fiscal Futures
Chair: Ben Martig, City Administrator, Marshall
Vice Chair: Connie Holmes, Mayor, Waverly

The policy committee chairs also present the draft policies to the Board of Directors in October before the policies are shared for member comment (a period when comments are solicited from all League members). The 2015 City Policies will be adopted by the League Board of Directors in November.

Chairs of the LMC Task Forces were also appointed to assist in recommending policies in specific issue areas to their respective policy committees (in parentheses). The chairs are:

Development Finance (Improving Local Economies)
Cathy Mehelich, Economic Development Director, St. Cloud

Elections (Improving Service Delivery)
Grace Wachlarowicz, Assistant City Clerk, Minneapolis

Telecommunications Policy (Improving Local Economies)
Mike Reardon, Cable Communications Officer, St. Paul

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