Minnesota Cities Magazine
NOV-DEC 2013


As I See It: What’s Happened to Civility?

Local government office is not a license to carry out a personal agenda. It is an obligation to always act in the best interest of those who live and work in our communities.

Bits & Briefs

Broadband data, food truck regulation, city supplier review, and more.

Two-Way Street: Does Your City Use Special Assessments to Fund Street Improvements?

Staff from Kasson and Elk River explain their experiences funding street improvements.

Ideas in Action: Heart Safe in Woodbury

More than 8,000 Woodbury residents have been trained in hands-only CPR. The program was the winner of a League of Minnesota Cities 2013 City of Excellence Award.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: Can the City Ban Unlicensed Vehicles?

Summaries of recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities.

Letter of the Law: Where Does the City’s Power Come From?

Cities may only exercise their powers in accordance with the federal and state constitutions and state statutes.

Up for Discussion

Let's Talk: Minnesota GreenStep Cities: Improving Sustainability One Step at a Time

A discussion with Philipp Muessig, GreenStep Cities program coordinator with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Ask LMC: Can We Have Labor Talks Behind Closed Doors?

LMC staff answer questions about closed meetings, contractor insurance, and photo permissions.