Help Select 2015-2016 League Board

You can play an important role in the selection of new members of the 2015 League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) Board of Directors. Apply by May 29 to be part of the Nominating Committee that determines Board candidates worthy of serving the League and its more than 830 member cities.

The LMC president is expected to appoint the nominating committee by June 5. The Nominating Committee is made up of eight to 12 city officials, consisting of both elected and appointed officials with consideration given to gender, city size, and geography. The League reimburses Nominating Committee members for expenses incurred for serving on this committee.

If you are providing a letter of reference for an individual who plans on applying to the LMC Board of Directors, we ask that you refrain from applying to be on the Nominating Committee. This will ensure that no conflicts of interest arise during the process.

Once the Nominating Committee has been selected and members have been notified, there will be an hour-long conference call to provide information on the Nominating Committee process and guidelines for conducting the Board candidate interviews and deliberation process.

The committee will convene on June 24 at the LMC Annual Conference in Duluth in the early morning to interview candidates for the positions of president, first vice president, second vice president, and five director positions. The committee’s recommendations will then be presented to the entire membership at the annual business meeting on June 25.

City officials interested in serving on the Nominating Committee should contact Kellie Sundheim, LMC, by May 29 at (651) 281-1214, (800) 925-1122, or

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