Serve on an NLC Policy Committee

The League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) encourages Minnesota city officials to consider serving on a National League of Cities (NLC) policy committee. The deadline for submitting an application is Friday, Dec. 19.

The League of Minnesota Cities is responsible for appointing city officials (elected or appointed) to the NLC policy committees. As a policy committee member, you would help shape NLC’s policy positions on federal issues affecting cities, and become an issue expert on the front line of NLC’s advocacy efforts.

What’s involved in serving on a policy committee?
Policy committees meet twice a year, once at the Congressional City Conference (March 7-11, 2015, in Washington, D.C.) and again at the Congress of Cities (Nov. 4-7, 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee) to identify issues and set the agendas for their steering committees. At the end of the year at the Congress of Cities, the policy and advocacy committees approve final recommendations for consideration at the Resolutions Committee Meeting and the Annual Business Meeting. Approved policy and resolutions become the National Municipal Policy for the next year. Throughout the year, committee members participate in NLC’s grassroots advocacy efforts when important issues arise.

About the committees
NLC has seven policy committees, and LMC is allowed five appointments to each committee. These committees have approximately 200 members each and meet twice a year as stated above. Members of the policy committees are selected by their state leagues and appointed to one-year terms by the NLC president. NLC is currently soliciting to fill openings on the following committees:

  • Community and Economic Development (CED)
  • Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources (EENR)
  • Finance, Administration, & Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR)
  • Human Development (HD)
  • Information Technology and Communications (ITC)
  • Public Safety and Crime Prevention (PSCP)
  • Transportation Infrastructure and Services (TIS)

PLEASE NOTE: If you served as a FULL policy committee member in 2014, you will automatically be reappointed to that full policy committee for 2015, unless you:

  • Are no longer in government service.
  • Notify NLC that you no longer wish to serve on the full policy committee.
  • Notify NLC that you wish to serve on a different full policy committee.
  • Have been appointed to a 2015 Policy and Advocacy Steering Committee.

Please consider serving on an NLC policy committee and submit your application. Applications must be submitted online. The deadline for submitting applications is Dec. 19.

If you have questions, please contact Kellie Sundheim (see contact info at right).

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