Newly Elected Officials: 2014 Leadership Conference

Get off to a strong start in your new city leadership role by attending Minnesota’s most comprehensive training opportunity available for newly elected city officials!

In just two days attendees:

  • Gained an understanding of legal responsibilities and finance fundamentals.
  • Learned what city councils can and cannot do.
  • Learned how to avoid common missteps, pitfalls, and negative press.
  • Found out about resources to use that will help you make sound decisions.
  • Gained insights on how to work effectively with constituents, staff, and colleagues.

The Big Picture: Your Role as a City Leader
Featured speaker Carl Neu brought an inspiring 20,000-foot view on your responsibilities as a new city official. Attendees gained insights into the dynamic tensions of public office, and learned how to both persuade and collaborate with others to get extraordinary things done for the city.

What City Councils Can and Cannot Do
Attendees learned how city officials are both empowered and limited by law in their responsibilities. In this nuts-and-bolts session, delegates attained a better understanding of a city council’s capabilities and limitations.

Finance Fundamentals for the Newly Elected Official
Get steady on your financial feet! Scratch the surface of city finance and the importance of making budget decisions that are sustainable over the long-term.

Legal Realities
Recognize the legal landmines that could land you and your city in trouble. Explore the open meeting law, conflict of interest, the Minnesota gift law, data privacy, and personal liability from an elected official’s perspective.

Governing as a Team
Working effectively with your fellow elected officials and city staff is key.