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City Hall Security—Prepare for the Unthinkable March 2016

Every city should be proactive in figuring out how to handle a violent incident.

The Future of Policing March 2016

Brooklyn Park Police Department is the subject of a research project to test a new policing theory called “collective efficacy.”

Effective Employee Engagement—Because an Engaged Employee Is a Super Employee! March 2016

Building employee engagement is a multi-step, but straightforward, process.

Fostering Better Relationships Between Police and Media March 2016

At a time when law enforcement agencies are continuously being scrutinized by the public, it is especially important for department leaders to cultivate media relations skills.

2016 Legislative Session: Taking Care of Unfinished Business January 2016

Much like the construction on our state Capitol building, the Legislature has a lot of incomplete work to attend to during the upcoming session.

LMC’s ‘Mayor for a Day’ Essay Contest Winners January 2016

See the winners of the 2016 “Mayor for a Day” essay contest.

Lessons Learned from 2015 Grievance Arbitrations January 2016

Whether your city works with unions or not, there are many helpful lessons to learn from grievance arbitration decisions.

Redevelopment: Four Stages of Resident Communication January 2016

The City of New Hope successfully navigated a redevelopment project through effective communication.

Staying on Top of Financial Reporting November 2015

Small cities struggling with financial reporting and other tasks have options—but don't wait until it's too late to ask for assistance.

City Partners with Outside Firm to Keep Finances on Track November 2015

The City of New Hope has been outsourcing its finance director position since 2008, and doesn't plan to change that approach any time soon.

Mayors Connect with Residents November 2015

These Minnesota mayors, and others like them, are breaking out of city hall to hear what residents really think.

Tips for Starting Your Own Outreach Routine November 2015

Here are a few ideas to try if you're an elected official who wants to do more to connect with residents.

Meet the League’s New Leader: David Unmacht November 2015

LMC's new executive director ushers in a new era of leadership at the League.

How Census Sampling Techniques Impact Utility Rates November 2015

The American Community Survey can have a significant impact on families in communities that are planning utility improvements.

2015 Property Tax Report September 2015

The 2015 property tax report brings some good news about city finances for the second year in a row.

League Recognizes City Leaders September 2015

Plymouth City Councilmember Judy Johnson and Medina Police Chief Ed Belland are the LMC C.C. Ludwig and Leadership award winners for 2015.

It All Adds Up! 2015 Annual Conference in Review September 2015

Many thanks to all those who contributed to this memorable event. We’ll see you next June in St. Paul!

The City’s Role In Regulating Firearms September 2015

Firearm law is a topic of growing interest to many local government leaders.

Emergency Management: Are You Ready? July 2015

Emergency preparedness and response requires the effort and attention of all city departments.

How To Keep Going When Technology Stops July 2015

A 'business continuity plan' can help your city operate when technology fails.

Web Extra: Video—Stockton 2007 Flood June 2015

Stockton City Clerk Bethany Winchester talks about Stockton’s 2007 flood emergency and the lessons city officials learned from it.

Come Together: A Tale of City Mergers July 2015

Planning and local support are critical to the success of city mergers.

The Benefits of the ‘Design-Build’ Process July 2015

How did an ambitious expansion project wrap up six years early? Two words: Design-build.

Complete Streets—A More Balanced Approach For Cities May 2015

Dozens of cities have abandoned the car-centric policies of the past and opted instead for “Complete Streets."

A Few Good Employees—Why It Makes Sense to Consider Hiring Veterans May 2015

Public employers could benefit from opening their minds about how military experience could help their organization.

Six Reasons to Hire a Veteran May 2015

Here are some characteristics most veterans have that make them good city employees.

Jim Miller—22 Years of Leading The League May 2015

Miller bids farewell to the League with the surety that the organization is in the best shape in its history.

Boost Safety With a Road Diet May 2015

Does your city have roads that need to go on a diet?

Combating Vandalism in City Parks March 2015

The arrival of spring brings with it the season of vandalism. See what cities are doing to protect parks.

Bringing Diversity To City Boards March 2015

A Minnesota nonprofit is dedicated to bringing underrepresented people into local government.

Turn Your Safety Committee into a Super Committee! March 2015

It’s more complicated than bringing doughnuts and telling a few safety-related jokes.

New Approach To Great Residential Development March 2015

Post-recession residential developers are rethinking business as usual.

Legislative Session 2015: The Broadband Challenge January 2015

Broadband is no longer considered a luxury, but is today a core element of a city’s infrastructure.

City Broadband Initiatives January 2015

Cities definitely have a role to play in providing broadband to their communities, but many factors will impact a city’s decision about how to provide it.

Legislative Session 2015: Seeking Solutions to the Workforce Housing Shortage January 2015

City officials are concerned that the housing shortage will end up hurting local economies.

LMC’s ‘Mayor for a Day’ Essay Contest Winners January 2015

See the winners of the League of Minnesota Cities’ (LMC) second annual “Mayor for a Day” essay contest.

When a Resident Files for Bankruptcy January 2015

It's important for cities to understand the process and what the city can and cannot do.

Planning Ahead for Successful Engineering Projects January 2015

The story of Thief River Falls’ Greenwood Street Corridor is a great example of the importance of planning for the future.

Strategic Planning: Building a Roadmap to Success November 2014

Many Minnesota cities have executed well-designed, tailored strategic plans, and have stayed committed to them.

Ensuring Success in Succession Planning November 2014

Succession planning is about more than preparing to replace long-time management and leadership positions.

Credentialing of the Professional Police Chief November 2014

CLEO certification provides a roadmap for assessing the knowledge and skills it takes to be successful as a police chief.

Mayor Coleman’s Year as NLC President November 2014

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman recounts the year he has spent as president of the National League of Cities.

The Results: Strategic Plan Documents November 2014

After meeting, planning, and discussing, both Carver and Hopkins end up with a written strategic plan document that provides guidance for city officials moving forward.

Water, Water Everywhere: Get the Funds to Protect It September 2014

More than 1,200 projects have been funded through the Legacy Act.

Celebrating City Champions September 2014

Meet the 2014 C.C. Ludwig and Leadership award winners—Dave Kleis and Tom Harmening.

2014 Property Tax Report September 2014

After years of decline, cities are starting to see some increase in property values.

2014 Annual Conference in Review: The Future Looks Bright September 2014

See photos from the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) 2014 Annual Conference, “Shaping the Future."

More Ways Cities Show Love for Veterans July 2014

Monuments and memorials are among the most common ways for cities to honor veterans and express gratitude for the great sacrifices they have made.

Cities Honor Veterans July 2014

Cities across Minnesota honor veterans through memorials, special services, and more.

Diversify Revenues With Franchise Fees July 2014

Franchise fees are an often overlooked alternative for Minnesota cities to diversify their revenue streams.

Interviewing for Emotional Intelligence July 2014

Many organizational psychologists and management experts agree that trying to select for emotional intelligence through the interviewing process can be a smart way to hire.

Engaging Future City Leaders July 2014

Many Minnesota cities have taken steps to get their teenage residents involved in city government.

City Branding: Keep It Emotionally True May 2014

Emotional truth feels different from technical truth or marketing spin.

Creating Vibrant 21st Century Cities May 2014

Explore trends and learn strategies to help build strong, vibrant 21st century cities at this year's Annual Conference.

Lessons in FLSA Wage and Overtime Laws May 2014

Mosquito Heights Mayor Buzz Olson learns about payroll practices for public safety employees.

Tips for Successful Government Collaboration May 2014

Drive government innovation with collaborative solutions.

Parks & Rec For All! March 2014

You might be surprised about how you can improve accessibility to programs and facilities without breaking the budget.

Technology Trends: ‘BYOD’ and the City March 2014

cities need to find solutions to "BYOD" that will protect them from liability while still allowing employees the flexibility and access that they’re asking for.

Local Governance Made Easy March 2014

Ask the right questions while in office and build a solid foundation from which to defend your decisions.

The Freedom of Responsibility March 2014

When Maplewood officials took the lead on a major transportation project, they realized multiple benefits.