C.C. Ludwig & Leadership Awards

The 2015 C.C. Ludwig Award and Leadership Award winners were announced on June 25 at the League's Annual Conference in Duluth. Congratulations to Plymouth City Councilmember Judy Johnson and Medina Public Safety Director Ed Belland!

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About the awards
The League's C.C. Ludwig Awards for elected officials and Leadership Awards for appointed officials recognize those who have made significant contributions to Minnesota city government. These awards are considered LMC’s highest individual honors. Winners will be announced at the Annual Conference.

These awards are intended to honor individuals for going the extra mile. Judges consider the following:

  • Service above and beyond what is required by the nominee’s position.
  • Contributions to improved municipal government through involvement in national, state, county, municipal, professional, or other public organizations or agencies.
  • Significant improvements in Minnesota cities attributable to the nominee’s service.
  • Admiration and respect of the general public for the nominee, and the nominee’s success in raising the prestige of city government service.
  • Selfless conduct focused on the greater good of the community.

Past C.C. Ludwig and Leadership Winners

Comments from previous winners

  • Del Haag, League Past President and Buffalo City Councilmember
    —C.C. Ludwig Award Winner
    “Any time you can be honored by your peers it is special. It lets residents know they have a great team working together on their behalf. I love cities, and getting the award helped reinforce how important cities are to me. The Ludwig Award enhanced my credibility and stature among my peers and in wider governmental circles, increasing my ability to be appointed to several prestigious organizations. There is no greater honor for elected municipal officials than receipt of the League of Minnesota Cities’ C.C. Ludwig Award.”
  • Todd Prafke, League 2007-2008 President and St. Peter City Administrator
    —Leadership Award Winner
    “Winning the Leadership Award represents to me the pride I feel in public service, the value that my Council and department heads put on our teamwork, and the impact we have made in our community. I don’t think the Leadership Award makes you a better person or a better city administrator, or for that matter even says that you are great at what you do. For me it’s one of the things that makes me want to be better—to earn it.”
  • Karen Anderson, National League of Cities Past President, League Past President, and Former Minnetonka Mayor
    —C.C. Ludwig Award Winner
    “In my experience, the C.C. Ludwig Award is widely acknowledged as the gold standard for elected municipal officials in Minnesota. I felt greatly honored to have received it.”

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