League Seeks City Officials for LMCIT Board Position

The League Board is seeking candidates to fill a vacancy on the LMCIT Board of Trustees. Candidates for this vacancy may be elected or appointed officials. This appointment will be to fill a three-year term beginning April 1, 2013.

The LMCIT Board of Trustees is the governing body of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust. The Board’s responsibilities include overall management and policy direction, setting premium rates, deciding on dividends, establishing the budget for in-house operations, overseeing investments, approving coverage changes, etc.

The LMCIT Board typically meets six to eight times per year. In addition, the LMCIT Board meets annually for a one-and-a-half-day strategic planning retreat in February or March. LMCIT reimburses Board members for travel expenses to attend meetings. In addition, Trust Board members who are not compensated by their home city for time spent attending LMCIT Board meetings are eligible for a $150 per diem payment for each meeting day.

LMCIT Board members are appointed by the LMC Board of Directors. The LMCIT trust document requires that at least two of the seven trustees be elected officials. At least one trustee must also be a member of the League Board of Directors. The LMC executive director also serves as an ex officio member of the LMCIT Board. As in all appointments, the Board tries if possible to achieve balance by geographical location, size of city, and gender.

How to apply
To apply, send a letter expressing your interest to the attention of Laura Honeck by mail to League of Minnesota Cities, 145 University Ave. W., St. Paul, MN, 55103. You can also send it by e-mail to lhoneck@lmc.org, or by fax to (651) 281-1298.

In your letter, it will be helpful to briefly outline your background and experience as a city official; your experience with the League and with LMCIT; the reasons for your interest in serving on the LMCIT Board; and any thoughts you may have on LMCIT and what its future direction should be.

Applications will be accepted through Dec. 7. We anticipate that the Executive Committee of the League Board will interview candidates in mid-December, and will make a recommendation to the League Board for action at the Board’s Jan. 17 meeting.

If you have questions either about the position or the process, contact Pete Tritz or Jim Miller (see right).

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