Minnesota Cities Magazine
JUL-AUG 2014


As I See It: Authentic Leadership

Leadership theories can introduce a lack of authenticity and distract from one's values.

Bits & Briefs

A guide to the light bulb aisle, ICMA's centennial, and more.

Two-Way Street: How Has Your City Promoted Economic Development?

Staff from Harmony and Owatonna discuss their efforts to spark economic development.

Ideas In Action: St. Anthony Village Plays Well with Others

St. Anthony Village's robust collaboration program was the winner of a League of Minnesota Cities 2013 City of Excellence Award.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: Court OKs City Limit on Rental Housing

Summaries of recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities.

Letter of the Law: Fire Departments—Don’t Overlook These Laws

These laws are sometimes overlooked by fire departments, and can create liability.

Up for Discussion

Let's Talk: The Ins and Outs of the OSA

A discussion with Rebecca Otto, the Minnesota state auditor.

Ask LMC: Help! I’m Confused About Property Taxes

LMC staff answer questions about property taxes, council salaries, health care reform, and fire relief associations.