Minnesota Cities Magazine
JUL-AUG 2013


As I See It: The Difference Between Equality and Equity

One of the most daunting challenges for all governments is determining when everyone should be treated equally and when they should not.

Bits & Briefs

Civic engagement online, a friendly state of the city address, and more.

Two-Way Street: Does Your City Have an Employee Wellness Program?

Human resources directors from Maple Grove and Fridley explain their cities' employee wellness programs.

Ideas in Action: Greenfield Volunteer Groups Help Build Community Pride

Citizens and city officials work together to build community and improve the quality of life in their city.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: Keeping the Peace (and Quiet)

Summaries of recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities.

Letter of the Law: How Much Weight Is Too Much to Lift?

A person should attempt to lift only a certain amount of weight—and only under ideal conditions.

Up for Discussion

Let's Talk: Staying on the Right Side of the Open Meeting Law

Cities often have questions about the Open Meeting Law, which requires city councils and other governmental bodies to hold their meetings in public, with a few exceptions. Attorney Tim Kuntz sheds some light on the topic.

Ask LMC: Should the City Require Insurance for Facility Renters?

LMC experts answer questions about insurance, the oath of office, zoning nonconformities, and the Family and Medical Leave Act.