Foreclosure Resources for Cities

The following are resources from the League and other organization to help cities deal with the effects of the foreclosure crisis and keep their neighborhoods viable.

League resources

Contacts and information

  • Property Preservation Contacts. List of contact information for banks and mortgage companies. The list was compiled by the Mortgage Bankers Association and is intended to help local officials locate mortgage services property preservation departments and staff.
  • Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council. A statewide effort to identify, fund, and implement coordinated polices and programs. The Council created The Coordinated Plan to Address Foreclosures (pdf). For more information, contact Melissa Manderschied, Coordinator, at (612)337-9274 or
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. To access Federal Reserve Bank data on subprime loans and request help in mapping out areas where loans are scheduled to reset, contact Michael Grover at (612) 204-5172 or For more information on the data, visit the Federal Reserve Bank of New York web site.
  • Early Warning Systems for Foreclosures. For information about using an early warning system to prevent foreclosures through early detection and intervention, city officials may contact Kellie Jones, City of Minneapolis, at (612) 673-3506 or
  • Glossary of housing/foreclosure terms. From the Minnesota Attorney General’s web site.


Resources cities can provide to tenants
Many foreclosures in Minnesota have involved rental properties. This can leave tenants with many questions. These organizations provide tenants with legal advice on their rights and duties.

  • Home Line: (866) 866-3346.
  • Legal Aid: Mid-Minnesota Legal Assistance or
    • St. Cloud area: (320) 253-0121 or (888) 360-2889
    • Western Minnesota Legal Services: (320) 235-9600 or (888) 360-3666
    • East Central Legal Services: (763) 689-2849 or (800) 622-7772
    • Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services: (651) 228-9823 or (888) 575-2954
    • Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis: (612) 334-5970

City ideas and strategies