Topic: Elections

Bill To Move Many Special Elections to November Advances

(Published Mar 30, 2015)

Election changes under the bill could have significant unintended consequences for city and other local government projects.

Elections Omnibus Bill Moving Through Senate

(Published Mar 16, 2015)

The bill includes several League-supported policies, including early voting and restoration of felon voting rights.

Filing Fees Bill Scheduled for Two Senate Hearings

(Published Mar 16, 2015)

The League-sponsored bill would allow statutory cities to determine their own municipal candidate filing fees, which have not been changed since 1959.

Felon Voting Right Restoration Bill Clears Elections Committee

(Published Mar 9, 2015)

The bill would restore the right to vote to people convicted of a felony once they are no longer incarcerated.

Early Voting Legislation Clears First Senate Committee

(Published Feb 23, 2015)

The bill would allow voters to cast ballots 15 days prior to Election Day.

Committee to Hear Senate Elections Administration Bill on Feb. 10

(Published Feb 9, 2015)

The bill would eliminate the requirement that precinct boundaries follow "physically recognizable features."

Election Judge Party Affiliation Legislation Clears First Committee

(Published Feb 2, 2015)

The bill was referred to the Senate Rules Committee for presumed consideration in the Subcommittee on Elections.

Secretary of State Outlines Legislative Initiatives

(Published Jan 20, 2015)

At the top of his list is establishing a true early voting system in Minnesota.