Topic: Elections

Nearly 300 Candidates File for House Seats

(Published Jun 16, 2014)

The 134 House seats have 282 filed candidates, and there will be at least 15 new legislators in January.

Governor Approves Online Voter Registration Bill

(Published May 5, 2014)

The bill was signed into law on April 29, following passage by the Senate on the same day.

Electronic Roster Legislation Passes House Floor

(Published Apr 28, 2014)

The House file now awaits action on the Senate floor.

Electronic Roster Task Force Releases Final Recommendations

(Published Feb 18, 2014)

The first recommendation is that the state pay for an additional study to be conducted during the 2014 general election.

Electronic Roster Task Force Update

(Published Oct 28, 2013)

As the state’s new Electronic Roster Task Force has been doing its work, the League has developed a proposed policy on the issue and seeks member comments.