LMCIT Offers Guidance on DVS Database Look-Ups

If your city receives an inquiry or letter regarding a driver’s license look-up, contact LMCIT before responding.
(Published Apr 22, 2013)

On the heels of at least two recent, highly publicized cases involving alleged misuse of driver’s license data, several members of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT), as well as other counties, agencies and non-member entities have recently received numerous inquiries, notices of claims, and simple demand for payment letters regarding the look-up of driver’s license files through Minnesota’s Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) database.

In many cases, these inquiries and letters demand a “detailed explanation” for the look-up. Absent direct evidence of employee wrongdoing or inappropriate conduct, rather than immediately responding directly to the inquiry, LMCIT urges member cities to first contact LMCIT’s claims department at claims@lmc.org, (651) 281-1200, or (800) 925-1122 as soon as a notice of claim or data practices request for DVS information is received.

LMCIT anticipates that the number of requests and demands for this type of information is likely to increase in the coming weeks. LMCIT is available to advise members about how to minimize risk and be consistent in responses to these requests.

Additionally, to clarify questions about DVS database access policies, LMCIT will make available on June 1 a web-based course addressing the “Ethical Use of Computers and Databases” through its online training program Police Accredited TRaining OnLine (PATROL).

UPDATE (June 1, 2013): This course is now available! REGISTER TODAY

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