City News

The City of Lindstrom was named the 2014 Community Conservationist by the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (MASWCD) and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) for its leadership in stormwater management. Lindstrom has embraced pilot programs, policy, and partnerships that have led to reduced runoff, less impervious surface area on new and rebuilt roads, and implementation of best management practices elsewhere in Chisago County. The city has also gone above and beyond to extend city sewer utilities to nearby “riparian” (on a water body’s buffer zone) township properties when able.


The Waconia Department of Public Services was recently selected to receive the American Public Works Association’s (APWA) Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award. The Waconia Public Services Department manages winter maintenance and chloride applications on 48 center-lane miles, municipal parking lots, and 27 miles of trail and sidewalks. The department’s employees have worked to reduce chloride applications in the effort of protecting the wetlands, streams and lakes for recreational use, while maintaining a level of service that allows individuals to travel to and from work. The Waconia Public Services Department was the first community in Carver County to use liquids in winter maintenance operations. Brine production and anti-icing were implemented into the community’s winter maintenance practices, and increases in calibration, education, training, and community outreach were also added.

Community Outreach
The City of Maple Grove rolled out its new Facebook page at the beginning of 2015. “With social media and mobile technology at the forefront, we want to use this “new-to-us” communication tool to reach out to the community, “said Maple Grove City Administrator Al Madsen. Facebook followers can expect updates on City projects and a wide variety of newsworthy items. Madsen stated, “People don’t wake up in the morning thinking I’ll go to the City of Maple Grove website and see what’s happening. But, they will check their Facebook feed, and we’d like to see Maple Grove on it.” The city has had success with departmental Facebooks pages (such as those for Police and Fire) as well as for amenities like the Community Center, Farmers Market and Town Green. The city’s Facebook page will certainly share some of the posts from these pages, as well as shine a light on the various happenings from within the City. You can see the City of Maple Grove Facebook page at

In Memory
George DeLay, former city manager of Robbinsdale, passed away on Dec. 31 at the age of 98. DeLay was the first city manager of Robbinsdale—appointed in 1965 when the form of city management changed to council-manager form. He had been city clerk for seven years prior to that. He was the city manager when the current City Hall was built. He was also instrumental in setting up the first tax increment financing (TIF) district in the state in 1969.