Changing Demographics

The population of Minnesota has always changed over time. Ethnic make-up of Minnesotans, our lifespans, where we live, and the norms of each generation are in continual evolution.

While change is a constant reality, it also occurs in waves. The decades ahead hold the promise—and the challenge—of a wave of rapid change in a number of key areas directly related to the work of city governments:

  • Aging of the baby-boomer generation.
  • The need to engage younger generations in civic life and directly in the work of city governments.
  • Population shifts within Minnesota.
  • Increasing immigration—particularly from Africa, Central America, and Mexico—with settlement occurring in all regions of the state.

Demographics toolkit from the League

To explore the issues and trends related to changing demographics, especially in the areas listed above, the League convened a Demographics Task Force. The work of the task force resulted in a toolkit called Community Conversations: Minnesota's Changing Demographics, which includes booklets on population trends, the growing senior population, the growing immigrant population, and engaging younger generations.

Since each city faces unique circumstances and will experience demographic changes in different ways, the toolkit provides broad information on demographic trends and suggestions for obtaining more detailed data. The primary purpose of the Community Conversations toolkit is to support a dialogue among community members.

Every member city received this kit in the mail. The four booklets are also available here in PDF format. In addition, you can download customizable discussion guides and PowerPoint presentations here for use in city council and community meetings.

Access the Community Conversations booklets, discussion guides, and PowerPoint presentations:

Other information about demographic change