About the City Budget-Balancing Lookup Tool

Ever wonder exactly what cities have done to help balance their budgets? Use the City Budget-Balancing Actions Lookup tool to find examples from cities across the state. Examples include reductions, such as eliminating staff positions, cutting or reducing departmental budgets, and delaying or cancelling a project or purchase. Examples also include new ways of doing things such as improving sustainability or increasing the use of technology, supporting development or marketing the city, and contracting out. Users may search the Lookup tool by city name, type of action, or both.

Where do the examples come from?
The Lookup contains over 3,000 examples gathered from media stories and League surveys, listservs, and events.

My city is not in the City Budget-Balancing Lookup!
We’re happy to add more examples, and we want your city to be included! In fact, we suggest you first use the tool to look up your city. If examples or details are missing, please let us know! Please send us a brief description of the effort, and we’ll include it in our database.
Submit Your City Budget-Balancing Action

I found an exciting idea! How do I learn more?
Although League staff members know about city budget-balancing actions, they often don’t know many of the details about them. Please contact the city directly to learn more about their process, pros/cons, lessons learned, etc. If an example from your city is short on details, please send us a more robust description and we’ll add it to the Lookup.