Senate Finance Committee Passes Bonding Bill

The bill now awaits floor action in the Senate.
(Published May 12, 2014)

The Senate Finance Committee amended and approved the Senate bonding bill on May 7, marking the bill's last committee stop before debate on the Senate floor.

Amendments were made to existing funding levels for certain projects. However, there were no changes made to the provisions that League staff have been tracking.

The Senate bonding proposal is a combined package of $846 million in general obligation fund bonds and $198 million in general cash appropriations.

The general obligation bonding bill is SF 2605 (Sen. LeRoy Stumpf, DFL-Plummer). The general cash appropriations will travel in a separate bill, SF 882 (Stumpf).

The bill currently includes a provision that would prohibit the State Building Code (SBC) from requiring the installation of fire sprinklers in single-family, detached dwelling units. The Department of Labor and Industry is in the final stages of adopting a revision to the SBC that would require fire sprinklers to be installed in single- and two-family homes larger than 4,500 square feet. This requirement will go into effect later this year absent legislative action. Gov. Dayton has twice vetoed similar legislation, so some are concerned about it being in the bonding bill.

Provisions of interest to cities
Provisions in the Senate bonding bill that the League continues to monitor include the following:

Water infrastructure

  • Federal Clean Water and Drinking Water Revolving Fund Match: $12 million
  • Wastewater infrastructure grants: $20 million
  • Reinvest in Minnesota reserve program: $2 million
  • Local Government Roads Wetland Replacement Program: $1.5 million
  • Flood hazard mitigation grants: $18 million
  • Inflow & infiltration: $3 million
  • Lewis & Clark rural water system: $13 million
  • Business development public infrastructure grants: $4 million

Five specific water and sewer projects were included in the bonding bill, and two more were in the general fund cash bill.


  • Local bridge improvement program: $15 million (general fund cash bill includes additional $25 million)
  • Local road program: $5 million (the general fund cash bill includes additional $35 million)
  • Safe Routes to School: $2 million
  • Port development assistance: $500,000 in the general fund cash bill


  • Public housing rehabilitation: $10 million
  • Housing infrastructure bond appropriations: $70 million

Other bonding proposals
The House is working on its own bonding bill, and Gov. Dayton made bonding recommendations in January.

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