Topic: Aid to Cities

Five Counties Added to Recent FEMA Disaster Declaration

(Published Aug 25, 2014)

The counties with the disaster designation are eligible for federal assistance, and their cities are eligible for an early distribution of December LGA.

2015 LGA Certification Announced

(Published Aug 11, 2014)

The 2015 local government aid for cities will increase by $9.3 million to a total of $516.9 million.

LGA Distributions: Some Cities May Qualify for Early Payments

(Published Jul 14, 2014)

Cities impacted by recent natural disasters and those with cash flow needs may be eligible to receive an early distribution of December 2014 LGA.

Bill Would Accelerate LGA Distribution

(Published Mar 10, 2014)

The bill also repeals the June accelerated sales tax remittance requirement for larger vendors, including larger municipal liquor store operations.

House Committee Considers LGA Technical Fix Bill

(Published Mar 10, 2014)

Under the 2013 LGA formula changes, a drafting error will impact future LGA distributions if not corrected.

Legislators Propose Increasing LGA Appropriation to 2002 Level

(Published Mar 10, 2014)

The legislation would add $57 million to the LGA appropriation, beginning with the 2015 calendar year distribution.

2014 LGA Certification Notices Distributed to Cities

(Published Aug 5, 2013)

The 2014 LGA payments will be distributed under a revised formula with an overall $80 million appropriation increase.

Updated League Resources Provide LGA Insights

(Published Jul 8, 2013)

Newly updated League documents provide detailed information about the local government aid program.

Omnibus Tax Bill to Bring LGA Reform and More for Cities

(Published May 20, 2013)

The bill includes sales tax exemption for cities, LGA reform and appropriation increase, and levy limits.

Full House Approves Omnibus Tax Bill

(Published Apr 29, 2013)

The bill includes several provisions of interest to cities, including LGA reform, police and fire pension aid funding increase, and municipal street improvement districts.

Senate Tax Committee Finalizes Omnibus Tax Bill and Sends to Floor

(Published Apr 25, 2013)

The bill includes LGA reform and $80 million appropriation increase and a sales tax exemption for city and county purchases.

Senate Division Releases Initial Draft of Omnibus Tax Bill Articles

(Published Apr 15, 2013)

Among other things, the bill includes $80 million in additional funding for the local government aid program.

Omnibus Tax Bill Begins to Emerge

(Published Apr 2, 2013)

The House Property and Local Tax Division has released the first draft of their division report, which will incorporated in the broader omnibus tax bill.

Governor’s Tax Bill Includes LGA Reform

(Published Feb 25, 2013)

The bill is scheduled for a hearing on Feb. 27 in the House Taxes Committee.

Governor’s Budget Includes LGA Reform

(Published Jan 28, 2013)

Gov. Dayton's budget proposal includes a significant reform to the LGA program for the 2014-2015 biennium.

Upcoming Federal Budget Deadline: What It Might Mean for Cities

(Published Oct 3, 2012)

Cities using federally funded economic development programs will stand to lose funding if the federal government fails to pass a deficit reduction plan by Jan. 2.

Reminder: June 30 Financial Reporting Deadline for GAAP Cities

(Published Jun 27, 2012)

Cities that use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles are required to submit financial information to the state 180 days after the close of the fiscal year.