Resources on Aging

Aging in Place Initiative: Developing Livable Communities for All Ages
A national initiative aimed at developing livable communities for all ages. Online resources are available on how to improve the civic engagement process for older persons and engage the larger community in discussions on aging in place. A sample blueprint for action, best practices and relevant articles and reports are also offered.
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Area Agencies on Aging
Area Agencies on Aging provide assistance to seniors, service providers, and communities across the state. The Minnesota Association of Area Agencies on Aging offers information on planning for an aging community. Individual agencies offer assistance and local information to the communities under their jurisdiction.
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Center on Aging, Mankato State University
The Center on Aging is dedicated to enhancing the process and prospects of aging for individuals and the community through integrated education, research and service. The Center conducts applied research in aging.
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Jim Tift, Director, Gerontology Program
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Transform 2010
Transform 2010 is a partnership between the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the Minnesota Board on Aging, the Department of Health, and other state agencies. The initiative seeks to transform communities’ policies, systems, and services to get ready for the age wave of baby boomers. A Blueprint for 2010 was developed to help guide this transformation. The Transform 2010 website provides data and resource information for each action theme identified in the Blueprint. The themes for action are: redefine work and retirement, support caregivers of all ages, foster communities for a lifetime, improve health and long-term care and maximize the use of technology. A new publication from Transform 2010, Creating Communities for a Lifetime: Minnesota Success Stories 2009, features stories from cities and counties around the state addressing community issues important to people of all ages.

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Vital Aging Network
The Vital Aging Network (VAN) builds the individual and civic capacity of older adults to create vital communities in which people of all generations work together to find the balance between meeting individual needs and achieving the common good. VAN recently produced an online Vital Communities Toolkit, which offers surveys, questionnaires, assessments, worksheets, and other tools for both individuals and communities. The toolkit also includes models of successful initiatives and plans from communities around the country.
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(651) 917-4652
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