Supplemental Budget Conference Committee Distributes Trunk Highway Funds

Among the accounts that will benefit are the Transportation Economic Development program and the Corridors of Commerce program.
(Published May 12, 2014)

The supplemental budget conference committee on May 7 considered a number of provisions outside its $293 million general fund target. One of the actions the committee took was to distribute dedicated trunk highway dollars.

Trunk highway dollars are a portion of the funds derived from the gas tax, the motor vehicle sales tax, and license tab fees. The items that were approved and expected to be a part of the conference committee report are the following:

  • $20 million to supplement snow and ice removal on trunk highways for fiscal year (FY) 2014
  • $10 million for pothole repair on state roads for FY 2014
  • $6 million for the Transportation Economic Development program for FY 2015
  • $25 million for the Corridors of Commerce program in FY 2015

The full conference committee report for HF 3172 (Rep. Lynn Carlson, DFL-Crystal, and Sen. Richard Cohen, DFL-St. Paul) will not be released until the committee has completed its work on general fund and non-general fund appropriations. Additional transportation funding is expected to be included in the 2014 omnibus capital investment bill, HF 1068/SF 882 (Rep. Alice Hausman, DFL-St. Paul, and Sen. LeRoy Stumpf, DFL-Plummer). (Read related article about bonding and cash for roads).

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