Letter Outlines City Issues for Conferees of Supplemental Budget Bill

The League sent a letter to conference committee members addressing city positions on provisions in the supplemental budget bill.
(Published Apr 28, 2014)

The conference committee members for the omnibus supplemental appropriations bill met for the first time on April 22 to walk through the side-by-side comparisons between the House and the Senate versions of the bill.

The League submitted a letter to each of the conferees that outlines key provisions pertaining to cities. The provisions the League is tracking in the omnibus supplemental budget bill include:

State government

  • Legislative Water Commission


  • Street improvement district authority
  • Rail yard lighting

Economic development, workforce development, and commerce fiscal implementation

  • Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant Program and mapping services
  • Disaster Assistance Contingency Account
  • Greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure grants


  • Select Committee on Recycling and the Environment (SCORE)
  • Water appropriation permit fee waiver for stormwater use projects
  • Closed Landfill Investment Fund

The letter sent to conferees includes these issues outlined in further detail and the League’s position on each one.

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