Updated League Resources Provide LGA Insights

Newly updated League documents provide detailed information about the local government aid program.
(Published Jul 8, 2013)

The League has recently updated its background documents related to the local government aid (LGA) program to reflect the changes made by the 2013 Legislature.

These resources are:

  • LGA 101. This provides a historical view of the program, including the appropriation changes from 2003 through 2016.
  • LGA Key Terms. This offers definitions for the main concepts of the program, such as revenue need and ability to pay.
  • LGA Key Points. This provides a list of ten important points about the program; in many ways it is a boiled-down version of the LGA 101.
  • LGA Timeline. This summarizes the various events in the history of LGA starting at the Minnesota Miracle in 1971.

Access these and other LGA documents as well as other fiscal resources

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