Scaled Back Transportation Supplemental Appropriation Bills Moving

Currently, the House measure contains $50 million in general fund money, while the Senate version contains over $138 million.
(Published Mar 31, 2014)

Hope for a comprehensive transportation funding package in 2014 appeared dimmer as the House and Senate moved supplemental appropriation bills through the committee process last week.

The House supplemental transportation appropriation bill, HF 3260 (Rep. Frank Hornstein, DFL-Minneapolis) was scaled back to include a one-time $50 million from the general fund. On March 28, HF 3260 was amended into HF 3172 (Rep. Lyndon Carlson Sr., DFL-Crystal), the omnibus supplemental budget bill.

The Senate supplemental transportation appropriation bill, SF 2858 (Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis) contains over $138 million in general fund spending. The bill was heard on March 28 and will be debated, possibly amended, and passed by the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee as soon as March 31.

While both bills spend money in roughly the same areas, the differences are found in the amounts. Some key components of the bills are as follows:

  • Corridors of Commerce program ($10 million House/$15 million Senate).
  • Transportation and Economic Development (TED) account ($4 million House/$10 million Senate).
  • Pothole repair on state system ($10 million House/$10 million Senate).
  • Pothole repair on local systems ($15 million House/$15 million Senate).

Both bills also contain measures to address freight rail safety. And $2.5 million is appropriated for emergency response training and preparedness.

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