FirstNet Safety Training

LMCIT is offering web-based training provided by FirstNet Learning to all members.

This tool now provides access to 41 training courses covering a wide variety of topics that can provide basic training for new employees, as well as refresher training for experienced and seasonal employees. In addition, LMCIT is adding a course-a-month, and by Sept. 2015 each employee will have access to 42 safety courses.

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Each city/entity will be able to choose individuals to administer their program. These administrators will be able to assign trainings, set due dates, and monitor when a course has been completed. Webinars are offered so supervisors can learn how to utilize all the program has to offer.

Cost: $14/employee (provides access to all trainings available) *Note: payment must be made with a charge card.

For more information on FirstNet Learning and a full list of trainings offered, visit the LMCIT’s FirstNet webpage .