Nearly 300 Candidates File for House Seats

The 134 House seats have 282 filed candidates, and there will be at least 15 new legislators in January.
(Published Jun 16, 2014)

Minnesotans this fall will elect a governor and lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and state auditor. Although much of the publicity has been focused on these statewide offices, all 134 seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives are also up for election this fall. A major step toward the general election occurred last week as filings for those seats closed.

Based on information compiled by the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office, there are 282 candidates for the 134 Minnesota House of Representatives seats, including 119 incumbent legislators who have filed for re-election. The remaining 15 incumbent legislators have either announced their retirement from the Legislature or are running for another office. The non-returning members include:

  • Tom Huntley (DFL, Duluth-07A)
  • Kathy Brynaert (DFL, Mankato-19B)
  • Kelby Woodard (R, Belle Plaine-20A)
  • Mike Benson (R, Rochester-26B)
  • David FitzSimmons (R, Albertville-30B)
  • Kurt Zellers (R, Maple Grove-34B)
  • Jim Abeler (R, Anoka-35A)
  • John Benson (DFL, Minnetonka-44B)
  • Steve Simon (DFL, Hopkins-46B)
  • Ernie Leidiger (R, Mayer-47A)
  • Andrea Kieffer (R, Woodbury-53B)
  • Michael Beard (R, Shakopee-55A)
  • Pam Myhra (R, Burnsville-56A)
  • Mary Liz Holberg (R, Lakeville-58A)
  • Michael Paymar (DFL-St. Paul-64B)

There are nine incumbent candidates who will not face a challenger this fall. Based on the Office of Secretary of State filing records, these candidates have no primary or general election challenger:

  • Tim O’Driscoll (R, Sartell-13B)
  • Tony Cornish (R, Vernon Center-23B)
  • Duane Quam (R, Byron-25A)
  • Kim Norton (DFL, Rochester-25B)
  • Joe McDonald (R, Delano-29A)
  • Marion O’Neill (R, Buffalo-29B)
  • Kurt Daudt (R, Crown-31A)
  • Joyce Peppin (R, Rogers-34A)
  • Joe Hoppe (R, Chaska-47B)

For House seats where more than one candidate from a party has filed, a primary will be conducted on Aug. 12, 2014. Based on the candidate filings, there will be Republican primaries in nine districts and DFL primaries in six districts:

Republican Primaries:

  • District 07B—Incumbent: Erik Simonson (DFL, Duluth)
  • District 12A—Incumbent: Jay McNamar (DFL, Elbow Lake)
  • District 30B—Incumbent: David FitzSimmons-retired (R, Albertville)
  • District 35A—Incumbent: Jim Abeler-retired (R-Anoka)
  • District 47A—Incumbent: Ernie Leidiger-retired (R-Mayer)
  • District 48B—Incumbent: Jenifer Loon (R-Eden Prairie)
  • District 51A—Incumbent: Sandra Masin (DFL-Eagan)
  • District 55A—Incumbent: Michael Beard-Retired (R-Shaokpee)
  • District 60B—Incumbent: Phyllis Kahn (DFL-Minneapolis)

DFL Primaries:

  • District 05A—Incumbent: John Persell (DFL-Bemidji)
  • District 06A—Incumbent: Carly Melin (DFL-Hibbing)
  • District 44B—Incumbent: John Benson-retired (DFL-Minnetonka)
  • District 55A—Incumbent: Michael Beard-retired (R-Shakopee)
  • District 60B—Incumbent: Phyllis Kahn (DFL-Minneapolis)
  • District 63B—Incumbent: Jean Wagenius (DFL-Minneapolis)

Information from the Minnesota Secretary of State candidate filing list does not include whether a candidate currently serves in another elected office, but based on a quick scan of the candidates, there appear to be 11 current elected city officials running for House seats including:

  • District 19A—Kim Spears, R, Councilmember-North Mankato
  • District 19B—Jack Considine, DFL, Councilmember-Mankato
  • District 21A—Lynn Schoen, DFL, Councilmember-Wabasha
  • District 22A—Diana Slyter, DFL, Councilmember-Florence
  • District 30B—Eric Lucero, R, Councilmember-City of Dayton
  • District 30B—Kevin Kasel, R, Councilmember-City of St. Michael
  • District 36B—Peter Crema, R, Councilmember-Brooklyn Park
  • District 44B—Tony Wagner, DFL, Councilmember-Minnetonka
  • District 46B—Cheryl Youakim, DFL, Councilmember-Hopkins
  • District 47A—Jim Nash, R, Mayor-Waconia
  • District 55A—Jay C. Whiting, DFL, Councilmember-Shakopee

If you are a current city councilmember or mayor who is running for the Legislature, and we do not have you on the list, please contact Gary Carlson at

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