National Fire Academy Releases Training Guide on Crude Oil Hazards

'Coffee Break Training' addresses hazards associated with transporting Bakken crude oil.
(Published Jun 30, 2014)

Fire departments in communities that have rail lines transporting Bakken crude oil may benefit from a training guide recently released by the National Fire Academy.

The one-page “Coffee Break Training” document is designed to be discussed during a break period. It addresses the specific hazards associated with transporting Bakken crude oil.

View the training guide:

Incidents related to trains hauling crude oil from the Bakken oil fields (located in western North Dakota, eastern Montana, and Canada) have underscored a need for preparedness in communities along freight rail routes. Freight rail safety, especially in regards to transporting crude oil, has been a major topic of discussion this year at both the federal and state levels. The U.S. Department of Transportation issued an emergency order in May related to crude oil rail shipments (read related article).

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