OSA Available to Conduct Automated License Plate Reader Audits

Agencies that have used automated license plate readers for two years should have their audits completed as soon as possible.
(Published Jul 31, 2017)

Law enforcement agencies using automated license plate readers (ALPR) are required to have an independent audit every other year. This requirement was passed in 2015, and the Office of State Auditor is available to perform the audits for law enforcement agencies that use ALPRs.

Minnesota Statutes, section 13.824 requires an independent audit of the law enforcement agency’s ALPR records, which must include a review of records and practices involving data classification, data collection, data retention, access controls, log of use, sharing of data, and written procedures.

Agencies that have used ALPR for two years as of Aug. 1, 2017, should have their audits completed as soon as possible. The Office of the State Auditor anticipates completing their audits before the next legislative session, which begins in February 2018.

Law enforcement agencies interested in having the Office of the State Auditor conduct this audit should contact Greg Hierlinger at (651) 296-7003 or Greg.Hierlinger@osa.state.mn.us preferably by Aug. 15, 2017.

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