2017 Annual Conference: Session Track Descriptions


During the 2017 Annual Conference, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from more than 20 educational sessions—creating a program that fits the specific needs of you and your city. This year’s sessions focus on six areas: planning for your future, creating an inclusive community, reinventing local government, building community capacity, communications and engagement, and sessions hosted by the League’s Business Leadership Council.

Planning for Your Future

What steps are you taking to become a stronger, more resilient community? Think 20-50 years into the future as you explore more sustainable ways to approach planning, development, and economic growth.

Key topics:

  • Infrastructure financing tools and strategies
  • Building strong, sustainable communities
  • Climate-smart energy strategies
  • Sharing and using city data
  • The future city workforce

Creating an Inclusive Community

Two massive demographic shifts will impact cities over the next generation: an aging population and an increasingly diverse population. Discover ways communities of all sizes are creating a place for all people, from improving quality of life to building trust and connecting with citizens.

Key topics:

  • Advancing racial equity in local government
  • Bridging the urban-rural divide
  • Diversity and inclusion in action
  • Supporting new Americans in our communities
  • Community art for vibrant, livable cities
  • Recognizing unconscious bias

Reinventing Local Government

With a shifting economy and public pressure to do more with less, cities are seeking out innovative ways to address challenges. Examine new approaches for delivering services that are more efficient and effective.

Key topics:

  • Developing city infrastructure through public-private partnerships (P3’s)
  • Addressing 21st century policing challenges
  • Risk management for new police technology
  • Changing organizational culture to boost employee engagement

Building Community Capacity

Sometimes it makes sense for local government to play a convener role and engage other community members and resources to help solve problems and build on successes. Learn about partnerships and collaborations that can strengthen your community.

Key topics:

  • Growing social capital
  • Collaborative leadership for better results
  • Empowering the next generation of civic leaders
  • Community arts collaboratives

Communications and Engagement

As a city official, you interact with a wide range of people, including the public, the media, and your colleagues in city hall. Knowing the most effective ways to communicate with a variety of stakeholders can help you successfully engage the people in your city. Key Topics:

  • Using improv tools to enhance communication and collaboration
  • Crisis communications
  • Dealing with NIMBY (not in my backyard)
  • 3D visualization tools to improve project communication
  • Communicating financial information

Business Leadership Council

League business partners share insights and expertise on timely issues, offer resources for cities, and answer your questions. Learn about a variety of topics including leadership development, effective communication, workforce planning, and legal considerations as well as planning, funding, and completing infrastructure projects.

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